I thought you were terrific. Better than I imagined. To me, you were fourth best.
— text from dad

Kevin Wong is a Bay Area comic that honed his craft in dive bars, coffee houses, and laundromats. Sometimes, for an audience of none. Since his first open mic at Tommy T's in 2010, he has challenged audiences to think differently and left them with the sense they're not alone.

In 2014, Kevin started a weekly show, producing and hosting The Secret Show: a Night of Stand-Up Comedy at The Swingin' Door in San Mateo, California. It built a loyal following among locals and comedians alike. In 2016, he expanded his comedy reach, adding two new Bay Area shows: Comedians@RedRock - at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View and Comedians@Rail - at Rail Club (formerly Carlos Club) in San Carlos. He also launched a solo podcast, aptly named The Podcast. Twice a week, he speaks candidly on topical issues, finding humor in life's lessons.

Kevin continues on his comedy journey to create, share, and enjoy laughs - exploring new venues and unique opportunities.

'It's Funny Now' by Mary Miller